About Us


Spring is a part of Lithuanian consumer electronic company Sponge. In 2015 Sponge CEO Edgaras bought a new house and he realise that smart house solutions was to expensive for most of the people. Also design of light switches was old. He asked his friend Romas who was electric engineer to start new project - to create switches with smart functionality simple to use and affordable. After research and development In 2016 January they start first line of luxury glass smart switches.


Spring do

Spring mixing design with functionality of your house control and making it affordable for everyone. It makes your home safer, more comfortable and energy-efficient. It saves you time and handles tasks for you, allowing you to enjoy living in your home. Spring connected home controls allow you to control your lights, heating, TV, and more. If you ever want to change a single click on a switch you can try Spring which brings your house interior and control in to next level.


Spring is thinking about all parts of your intelligent house. We producing light switches, power switches, USB, HDMI, LAN and other connectors sockets, heating controllers…



Nice thing that it is possible to use different shapes and materials for creating switches. We started from durable luxury glass, and now we can offer different color glass, alum or wood panels for your switches and sockets.



We want to change click of the switch so we created touch switch which brings you new experience… Dimmable, remote, 2way, wifi, app control.